Dear players, administrators & Management Team of Mini Games Server.

It has been known for a while that this day is getting closer. Frankly, I can't continue this server any more with this playerbase.
My motivation has been going down since the summer, and I've been trying to figure out how to save this server.
But I don't see any good ways to do it. I know a lot of servers are struggling, so it's how it is.
Sa-mp is an old game, and Mini Games Server it self has been online since 2009. I've taken the decision to close the server in some months. The date is listed below.

Some information:
- There will be no more updates before the server is closed. There will be one short after christmas, disabling the christmas mode.
- VIP buying has been disabled.
- All players are given VIP, and can enjoy VIP the last months
. - More information about the close will come when it's getting closer.
- All Server Bans are cleared on 1st of January 2022

Can Mini Games Server be saved?

I doubt sa-mp can be saved sadly. And that's the main problem. I will not be moving MG over to FiveM, as I don't have time for that.

It's a sad day and I don't feel happy doing this. I've been with Mini Games Server since 2009. It's feaking long time.
I'm happy with what we've done during these years. There are so many people I want to thank, and I want to list some of them here.

[Ask]Terminator: Thank you for giving me this opputinity. Thank you for letting me take over this server, serv under you and work with you.
[MG]Dimi & [MG]Zezima: Thanks for everything you two have done to this server. You both have been in this community for so many years, and I'm so gratefull for everything you've done.
Quicksilver: You freaking annoying idiot - but at the same time my best friend here! You`ve been in Mini Games Server as long as me.
You've been here, been a supporter, a friend and a helpfull person! I'm so glad I've been known with you for so many years!
I hope that one day me and you can meet and take a beer together
MichaelBelgium & Robin_be: Thank you both for being around Mini Games Server. You've both been friendly, and really helpful. I've been a noob within scripting, but learned a lot thankfully. So thank you for believing in me, and being calm and helping me Smile
Joanna & Mihaela: We need girls here to calm us boys down. I'm glad I'm not a horny straight guy who hits on every girl who joins MG. But thank you for being here, being a friend and surviving around all of the male players.
Hunter: You've been my friend for a long time. We've had periodes where we fighted - but we found together. Thank you for being here

There are probably a lot of more people I should have mentioned - but you know yourself how you all mean for me.
I want to thanks all former managers who has worked together with me, making this server realistic. I wouldn't manage to do it alone:
[Ask]Terminator, Tjying95, [MG]Dimi, [MG]Zezima, Rubinho, [iTG]Millennium, [iTG]Scorpionn, Maged, FireChicken,
[CbK]Chanchito, BassLovah, Neefas, Aaron, MichaelBelgium, [CbK]Subz3ro, Paul, Tokkor, Sasuke_Uchiha, DowDaw, [Cbk]Krishhna, [CbK]SaK_

I want to thank my current Management Team:
Stefy: I'm so happy you've been my Co-Owner for so many years. I frankly don't know what I would have done without you being my second hand.
I know you've been inactive the last years, but at the same time I've had you in my heart when I've done things.
You are unique & special, and I'm so happy for our partnership. I hope that one day I can meet you face to face - and thank you for everything!
Amine: I'm sorry that you didn't manage to reach 1 million score! But you almost did it - so be happy Biggrin I'm so thankfull for you being my manager. You've been my most active manager I've ever had. Thank you for being youself and being an amazing manager.
Ryder: I'm so happy you've been manager here! When Stefy was gone you took her job perfect - because you know the job and are good with it. So thanks for everything.
Malik: You weren't in my team for long time, but during the months you've been here you've managed to do a lot. Before you joined I had low motivation, but you gave me hope again and we managed to do a lot of stuff together. So thank you!

Thank you all for everything! Thank you for playing here and having a role as either player, vip, administrator or manager

Mini Games Server will stay open until the following date: 28/02-22
Beremix /

Guaranteed fun since 2009:

Created in April 2009, Mini Games Server has been giving to its players a combination of fun and excitement and is one of the most varied SA:MP server out there.

The server is owned by Beremix and supervised by 5 managers together with a great administrator team and scripters who are working daily to provide you the best content and playtime. We now have more than 400 games, with the most diversified gamemodes to suit any player’s taste: deathmatches, races, stealing, breaking, derbies, zombies and many more!

Despite the ups and downs the server has faced the last 11 years, a beautiful community is built, gathering memories and amazing persons, and we hope to have you as one of our community members to make these moments everlasting.

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