You want to be an admin? Cool

- There are no ways to apply for the role of being an administrator.
- Do not ask any of our administrators to become an admin yourself.
- All administrators are chosen by the Management team.
- Asking to become an administrator will only decrease your chances to ever become an admin.

Many of you ask yourselves this but you're afraid to ask others because you think that by doing so you will compromise your chances to become an admin. To become an admin, there are several steps which should be taken into account and it should also be known that there is no application to be filled in for applying as admin, therefore everything is based on your behavior on the server.

Your attitude on the server is very important. To be more precise, offending players by using foul language or threatening them under any circumstances involving abuse or indecency is not tolerable in becoming an admin. For example, if you curse someone on the server, that person will likely report you on our Forums and that means one less point for you in your quest to create a good "image" for yourself on the server.
Your behavior is everything.

Any report from a player using the /report command will be settled by an online administrator. What I'm trying to say is that the more you help us by reporting intolerable actions, the better you will be looked upon. Therefore, if you really care about this server, you will no problem doing these things. By reporting hackers, cheaters, and rule-breakers, you are making sure that the server stays "clean" of such influences.

Relationship with Players/Admins
It is important to have a good relationship with players. You should be known as a friendly, sociable player by others. Our admins' opinion of you is also very important.

The more you are active on the server while respecting the steps mentioned above, the better your chances will get of becoming an admin yourself. Forums
It would be silly to think that you can become an admin without being an active Forums member as well. Your contribution to the community and on the Forums is very important.

This means that you don't decide when it's time to become an admin, we do.