Disabled Server Games

ID Name Status Reason Info
4 Let s Go To Paradise (Parkour) Disabled Check spawns More info
49 Deadly Tunnel (Team Deathmatch) Disabled to be replaced More info
135 A Holiday Trip: Christmas (Deathmatch) Disabled Only during christmas More info
139 A Holiday Trip: Summer (Deathmatch) Disabled Only during summer More info
236 Driving Experts (Multi Race) Disabled Problem with vehicle spawning More info
257 A Holiday Trip: Easter (Deathmatch) Disabled Only enabled during Easter More info
328 Warzone101 (Team Deathmatch) Disabled UPDATING(BEREMIX) More info
378 Ultimate Battle (Last Team Standing) Disabled Bugged spawns More info
197 Deathmatch Event (Deathmatch) Disabled Testing More info
473 The Lost Gift (Deathmatch) Disabled Coming soon More info
475 New year Eve Party 2020 (Special) Disabled New Year Eve More info