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Exp-Gaming expanding to other games? - Beremix - 03-31-2019


During the past months the Management Team has seen a decrease in the player count. This is something that's not only affecting us, but the whole sa-mp.
70-80% of the sa-mp players are russians, and they only play Russian servers. So, this isn't good for us, nither rest of the english sa-mp servers.

Therefore the Management Team has suggested that we start looking into adding other games to our community to make this community more attractive again. At the same time we won't stop developing our sa-mp servers, but having other games at the side.
In the past we've had a minecraft server, cs-go server and swat4 server.

So, below there is a survey link. This is a anonymous survey where we want your opinion about new games we can add to this community. We don't promise anything, but we will check it out if it's possible.


Behalf of the Management Team

Re: Exp-Gaming expanding to other games? - Beremix - 04-08-2019

Looks like I forgot to say that we will keep the survey up for 2 weeks. Which means I will close it at 14th of April. I got a lot of answers already, so I'm happy with that!

Re: Exp-Gaming expanding to other games? - Beremix - 04-14-2019

Thanks for all of the replies. The poll is now closed. The Management Team will start processing the replies.