Laptops fan


my laptops cooling fan suddenly stopped working..restarted my laptop but same problem..What to do now?


Give it to someone for repair? :d

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Check your bios there are fan settings in which you can force your fan to turn on always in case it is set to run only when it is on charge.

To enter bios setup
When turning on laptop rapidly press ESC or F11 or F12 and there you will be able to find the setting.

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I called up hp a while back and they said they can only fix software problems...I myself tried to remove the worked..Thanks to both of you <3


go to someone to repair it.. better

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Fasalesi prob has been solved already
Kindly don't spam(never mind)


Yeah, you need to clean up your hardware once in a while to keep it running smoothly, I suggest you do that in the future as well. Dusty fans and other parts will make you lose performance and eventually just kill your system


buy 1 new laptop. simple


Problem is fixed
Why u guys replying now ?
Someone lock this topic pls

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