BNC Service



Exp-Gaming offers a BNC service for users of our community. 
Short info what BNC is: it makes your irc account stay online all of the time, still if you quit.

Conditions are as following:

  • Be an active user.
  • Be a registered IRC user for at least 2 months.
  • Follow our irc rules.
  • You can only use BNC at our IRC server.
  • You need to use use any irc programs like mIRC, IrcCloud... (mibbit not allowed)
  • We won't show you how it works or help you with details. We will set it up, rest is for you.
To get BNC please contact one of the following persons:
  • Beremix
  • Stefy
  • Shiko
  • DowDaw

Server Owner 

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