Survey Results: Mini Missions



Here are the survey results for Mini Missions
I would like to thank everyone for replying to the survey of Mini Missions. We received 30 answers. The Management Team is currently processing all of the replies and taking care of then. The Management Team members got different tasks, which means they work within different departments. Therefore, there are different people handling the different categories within the Survey.

Category: Rate Mini Missions
How satisfied are you with the following: homepage
[Image: 065e0e6831.png]

How satisfied are you with the following: Forum
[Image: 3b0ef88979.png]

How satisfied are you with the following: Server
[Image: 00848006fe.png]

How satisfied are you with the following: Server Missions
[Image: 02301aca0a.png]

How satisfied are you with the following: IRC
[Image: d3d9007abc.png]

How satisfied are you with the following: Discord
[Image: 3fd9d1798e.png]

How satisfied are you with the following: User Control Panel
[Image: 1d9740e5a1.png]

Category: Administrator Team
Results of the Administrator Team are kept out of the public, and are being handled by the Administrator Manager & Requirement department.
Within this category there are also results of the Management Team. These results are being handled by the Community Leaders.

Following managers are responsible of handling the results of this category:
Lead Administrator Manager & Requirement: Stefy
Administrator Manager & Requirement: FalconX
Management Team Results: Server Owner (Beremix) & Lead Server Manager (Stefy, FalconX, Owainnub)

Category: The Server
- There is in need of more updates. At the moment Sasuke is working on a new update.
- With the coming update/-s , we will focus more on getting bug reports. A possibility to handle bug reports can be rewarding players for sharing the bug. 
- We will check the current command list - remove non used and add useful ones
- The will keep the current XP system
- The Mapper team is also working on the current map pool. 
- Checking HH-system and anti weapon system 
- We wont add a clan system in Mini-Missions. 
- We will work on the current toys list/system. 
- Maybe we can bring back some old features, such as Brownies, old missions etc. 
- We wont add a Sex Shop. 
- The chill place can be updated to make it more interesting with new features. 
- An 100% accuracy aimbot system is impossible. 
- Spectate mode is an bad idea.

- All new commands you want, put them in suggestions.
- Special VIP color can be suggested in Suggestions with what color it should be.
- Harder missions has to be made by the players.
- Which old missions we should add has to be posted in "Suggestions" please.
- If the players wants new missions, then the players also has to make new maps.
- An AFK system require us to add a timer which counts each second he is afk. That's a bad idea.
- If we should add more radio stations, please put it in suggestions.

Following managers are responsible of handling the results of this category:
Server Owner: Beremix
Lead Server Manager: FalconX
Server Developer: Sasuke_Uchiha

Category: The Missions
Fixing and cleaning up the entire cycle and disabled missions will do the trick. We don't need to add new ones so far.
Count of Team Vehicle Collecting, parkour and rank up missions needs to be decreased and/or replaced.
- Clean up the entire cycle, as mentioned above.
- Fix bad mapped missions
- Remove small and minor (spelling) mistakes. These make the server look sloppy and silly.
- Ghost mode should be enabled the entire race
- Back to our roots: simple and effective missions instead of numerous equal and boring looking custom-mapped missions.
- Mapper team is here to fix map bug/glitches, if you notice something wrong you can report on forums and we gonna take a look.
- We won't be removing race missions. It's important that we have more race missions than other missions, as else there will only be shooting missions. Therefore, it's important to also have race missions.
- For us to add more missions, then we need the players to make mission suggestions. So to add more missions cops & crocks, survive on luck......... etc, then we need someone to make maps.
- If there are missions with glitches you should report it in forums,Mission Scripters will take care of it
- Some are pretty boring but we are discussing about remove a bunch of the most boring missions.
- If you have suggestions for missions that should be added back (old missions), then I want you to put it in Suggestions so we can get a fair discussion about it.
- If you want a mission removed, then you should also put that it in suggestions so we can get a fair discussion about it.
- If you feel there are some badly mapped missions, please inform someone within the Mapper Team who can check it out and discuss it with the rest of the team.

Following managers are responsible of handling the results of this category:
Lead Missions Manager & Scripter: toontje013
Missions Manager: Kot & LuciferGRE

Category: VIP
- We will consider the mentioned reasons for high prices and will review it. 
- We will review the current features for Vips.

  • the colours
  • prices for Vips in the different shops
  • possible new features,
  • special vip tag,
  • usage of mdollars
  • objectives
- We try to focus on balanced gameplays, even with VIPs
- Vips will keep the armour

Following managers are responsible of handling the results of this category:
Server Owner: Beremix
Lead Server Manager: FalconX

Category: Website / User Control Panel / Website
- We will focus to create a user friendly UCP to make more things self-explained. (This contains a better layout, new options etc.) 
- Furthermore we would like to make it more open to regular players.
- Mentioning the staff members in the UCP is not needed, as they are mentioned detailed on the Homepage. Maybe we will add a direct contact partner for questions. 
- We will work on the current homepage layout
- Updating the homepage with the statistics, different ingame images

- The current structure of the forum boards works pretty well, as the user has a better overview than 1 board combined off all servers. 
- Maybe there is an easier way to mention the ranks of a user.
- Forum style will be up to Beremix.
- Combining all servers into 1 board is impossible, as it will make things more confusing.
- I have written down several things I will be changing on the new forum style. It will be adressed to the creator.
- Everyone can still change their own style. It's easy.
- More things to put on the profile? We got most of the tools. I can check other plugins.
- I will check if I can make it max 2 profile ranks instead of all like now.
- Guests can't view ban appeals, that's already fixed.
- Race records can maybe come on the homepage. Will look into it.
- I will look into adding more things into transfer stats.
- I will continue to work more on the ucp of MM, by making things more clear and better.
- A better missions register can come, but it may take some time.

Following managers are responsible of handling the results of this category:
Server Owner: Beremix
Lead Server Manager: FalconX

Category: End Questions
Questions under End Question are there to give us a feedback about your total view of the server. Results are these:
[Image: 72c8ce0372.png]

We thank you all for giving us feedback.

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