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Here are the survey results for Mini Games Server
I would like to thank everyone for replying to the survey of Mini Games Server. We received 30 answers. The Management Team is currently processing all of the replies and taking care of them. The Management Team members got different tasks, which means they work within different departments. Therefore, there are different people handling the different categories within the Survey.

Category: Rate Mini Games Server
How satisfied are you with the following: Homepage
[Image: 3771bc7b8e.png]

How satisfied are you with the following: Forum
[Image: daf302625c.png]

How satisfied are you with the following: Server
[Image: d23a005388.png]

How satisfied are you with the following: Server Games
[Image: 5176f15d78.png]

How satisfied are you with the following: IRC
[Image: e441fd0852.png]

How satisfied are you with the following: Discord
[Image: a96c617179.png]

How satisfied are you with the following: User Control Panel
[Image: 3bacd635c0.png]

Category: Administrator Team
Results of the Administrator Team are kept out of the public, and are being handled by the Administrator Manager & Requirement department.
Within this category there are also results of the Management Team. These results are being handled by the Community Leaders.

Following managers are in charge of handling the results of this category:
Lead Administrator Manager & Requirement: Stefy
Administrator Manager & Requirement: Ryder
Management Team Results: Server Owner (Beremix) & Lead Server Manager (Stefy, FalconX, Owainnub)

Category: The Server
- My goal is to make the updates bug free. I'm sorry if I don't always succeed in that. I will spend more resources in that in future.
- The players also seem satisfied with the updates, and I'm happy with that.
- Like/dislike system: maybe instead of removing it, it needs to be available for the second half of the game?? I never had time to give a like/dislike tbh. And waiting to chat is made to prevent spam of players. Unfortunately there was no way to deal with spammers while game was changing. It must stay.
-Respected players system: that system wasn't made to make everyone respected players in a week. You should be active, being helpful and behaving good. It requires time and patience, things that players often don't have. But being "respected" shouldn't be something for everyone, I'd say.
- Rank system is a cool feature, I like it and so is my experience with a lot of comments. So it won't be removed either.
- We had a poll on the team balancer. Results of them are already announced. Current Team Balance system stays.
- Management Team is working on a new cycle system.
- Cookies won't be removed either lol. Why should we remove it?
- Tax system will definitely not be removed. It's on its lowest tax rates now, and I believe it's fair now.
- Armour for VIPs won't be removed either.
- Management Team will start reviewing gamemodes suggestions, and see if there is something new we can add.
- Management Team will continue to add more races. More informations about this in the games survey.
- I will be adding more informations in /help
- /stats cmd is currently fill, so I can't add more there. That's why you should use the the UCP for full stats.
- Lottery won't be added again.
- Clan system will definitely not be added. 
- I have recently added a lot of new achievements. But we will continue to add new ones.
- MG Awards is there yearly by the events team. It's also coming in our anniversary in 2019.
- Duels will not be added.
- Voting for the next game won't be added again.
- I would like to remind everyone to make suggestions in Suggestions, as it's the best place to put suggestions.
- Current Team Balance system stays. The results is based on the survey answers.
-/cmds /help yes they all need an improvement. From grammar and spelling errors, to contents.
- "Well there are times when the user is going to do something but wants to leave the game open, so he could have a command where he takes you to a world that only has houses, houses where you can buy them and be there as AFK, and if you can not buy, you can be in AFK streets, in GOOD mode. It would be a good idea.":  I like this. Having a kind of "afk system" or a place where you can buy toys and edit them, would be great. Problem in this thing is the abuse that players would do of it, like switching from game to there then game again to avoid to get killed or anything like that. I don't know if it's really good to have such system.
-New races: yes I agree, MG players like much races/parkours, but we need mappers working on it.

Following managers are in charge of handling the results of this category:
Server Owner/Server Developer: Beremix
Lead Server Manager: Stefy

Category: The Games
Too many games. We are working on replacing disliked games with new ones.
- Our game categories are kinda balanced.
- People like races. Looking forward to add more ones.
- Zombie: Some of them need to be either edited or removed. Nothing related to script as it's everything alright.
- Delivering: Not liked because of no team work.
- Capture the Flag: Same as above.
- Zombies: It was obvious zombies would be the less liked, this gamemode doesn't bring much fun to be honest since humans are always camping and sometimes zombies just give up on trying to kill humans, it's boring being a zombie.
- I agree first kill could be in chat instead.
- Report games with shop enabled.
- Do they mean objective camera time? If it's that i think there is no problem.
- Well yeah we can try more new gamemodes, but the ones we tried ended up with people not liking them.
- Max massive vehicles per day for VIPs could be changed to 3, but yeah also increase their prices.
- Anti spawnkill can be added for DM.
- We need cycles for gamemodes to don't repeat.
- Disliked games are being discussed about here:
- A balanced cycle system will be up soon.
- Comeback of 3 Teams games.
- Spawn-timer in DM games should be considered.
- Amount of DM & TDM Levels are being redused.

Following managers are in charge of handling the results of this category:
Lead Games Manager & Scripter: Tokkor
Games Manager & Scripter: Paul

Category: VIP
- Management Team will go over VIP prices and see if we can reduce them.
- We have considered adding more options for paying, but it's not possible. Most of the companies, like paysafecard, pay with phone require us to be an official company, so therefore we can't use them.
- Management Team already have a lot of VIP discount periodes, like summer, Christmas, Halloween etc.
- Rainbow cars & flashing name require a timer, and I'm not gonna add more timers to the server.
- I'm planning to rewrite the toys system to make it better. This includes more toys, and everything better.
- Massive Vehicles 2 times per day for VIP I'm against it. I'd rather make it cost 50% more.
- Hot key for bomb is useless. It's easy to write /bomb
- VIP items for limited time is an interesting idea. Maybe it can work with the new TOYS system.
- Vip Message is added.
- VIPs already get more score for kills and other things.
- I want VIPs to have a own shop that's only for them. Same for Respected Players.
- If VIPs wants more things in shop, then please suggest it via Suggestions.

- "Add any stuff for October fest or Halloween, something like a limited and special thing that you can't find or get it in another time, just in that date, could make it for Xmas too, it will increase VIP users." That doesn't sound bad, but it requires special updates of the server and I don't know if it's worth it, just for a day, maybe for a week it would be good. 
-Shop for VIP members can be improved yes, we can work on it, adding some vehicles and guns, but shop is already having everything tho, from normal shop to respected players shop to VIP shop. Maybe we can change some prices and items yes, but it will be not a big change.
-I agree that VIP can't die with a headshot till armour is gone, this is pretty annoying and not fair, if there's a way to change it, I support this.
- "Sometimes, when there're muchs vip ingame, games turns so unbalanced and it's hard to win any game and you die every time." I always fought to have a fair game, and VIPs don't make it fair. They all join in the same team and literally rape the other team, I saw some tdm ending with 70-5 for "VIPs team". Get VIPs balanced in both teams. Find a way please. It's really needed, I'm tired to see people rage quitting and never come back again cause of that.

Following managers are responsible of handling the results of this category:
Server Owner: Beremix
Lead Server Manager: Stefy

Category: Website / User Control Panel / Website
- A system to fix achievements yourself with the current achievement system isn't possible. It has to be done manually by you requesting. Sorry.
- It looks like the players are satisfied with the UCP. I'm happy for that.
- Maybe a new theme for the Homepage in future will be done.
- I have written down some points of things that should happen to our forum. I will be addressing them to the one who made the style soon to take care of them (the new forum style)
- People can change the theme as much as they like. There are several themes to switch with.
- Changing the colors of the groups I'm against, but there is only one person who asked for it. If it should be done, then there has to be more people asking for it. So make a forum suggestion.
It's a good Homepage indeed, but we still have the slides made by BassLovah, that's pretty old and maybe it needs to be renewed.

Following managers are responsible of handling the results of this category:
Server Owner: Beremix
Lead Server Manager: Stefy

Category: End Questions

Questions under End Question are there to give us a feedback about your total view of the server. Results are these:
[Image: 7a8ab426c4.png]

We thank you all for giving us feedback.

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