Christmas 2018


aint it pretty

aint it pretty

** AWARDS 2017 I WON:
Most annoying player,Most abusing player,The one who should already be banned,The Rager
Always asking for something,The muted one,Forum Rulebreaker  Woah

Merry Christmas ❤

my friends! I love you all! Thank you for your cooperation! 


Merry Christmas Biggrin

[Image: download_2.jpg]

Beremix smells

[Image: giphy.gif]
<@Zuz[MG]> I want to give you a bj Quick 
<@Quicksilver> cant you do it yourself as ~? <~Gee> yeah but i don't abuse

Beremix smells

"Beremix who was looking for the kitchen
Accidentally opens pooping room's door
Then Beremix runs away cuz of the smell"

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[Image: EoHmE36.jpg]
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