Happy New Year!



It's time for the yearly speech by me, on New Years Eve. We're only minutes away from ending 2018, and some people have already left 2018 and joined 2019.

When we look back at 2018 then I look at a busy year with a lot of work, but also a successful year. Many things have been done to satisfy the players and to make the server(s) better.
At the same time we haven't reached our goal yet. We can always discuss what our goal is:
* Is it to have 50 players on all three servers all of the time?
* Is it to have the best games/missions server in sa-mp?
To have the best games/missions servers in sa-mp we have definite reached. I would never imagine back in 2009 or even 2012 that in some years then MG, MM & eXM would be in the same community.
As partners, friends, brothers, sisters & lovers. 
To achieve 50 players on all three servers at the same time is impossible, and not something I expect to happen again. Reason for this is simply that sa-mp is pretty old, still if it has a decent player count.
But also, the players seems to pick other server types like RP. But, as this is said, then we won't stop either to make our servers successful. We want many players on all of our servers.

There haven't been much community changes in 2018, but it's not like it's been a quiet year either. A lot of people has been working hours daily to things for our players. 
I would like to bring up some people that joined the Management Team in 2018: Kot, Neefas, Ryder, Amine
Some people also left...: Neefas, Sasuke, Owainnub.
It's sad that Sasuke, who has been in MM for so many years have left us, and Owain who has been in eXM for so many years has left us. But that's reality, life is more important.

What can we expect in 2019? 
Well, we have no plans of more servers haha. But, we can promise that we will continue to give everyone the best of us self, by working on the servers and continue to make them the best.
It's nothing to hide that eXM haven't been successful yet, but we're not giving it up yet. We are attempting to make things better there with Tokkor leading it. 
On the other side, it's not the best thing that I am server Developer of two servers either, as it's too much for any persons to handle. But, I'm trying my best, believe me.

I can promise that the Management Team will spend the same amount of time we've spent this year, and even more on our servers.

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Best regards,

Server Owner 

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Great speech.
Happy New Year!!! Biggrin

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The eyes,chico.
They never lie.

Roll,roll,roll a joint,twist it at the end,light it up and take a puff and pass it to your friends Biggrin

Plata O Plomo!!

Good speech from you, @Beremix <3
Happy new year everyone!! Wish you all the best in 2019 Wink

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Happy new year to all.

Love from Bert

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Better speech than Charlie Chaplin's.
Happy new year Smile Bouncymagenta

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What a speech :o

Happy New year

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I hope in 2019 you find your life partner and marry in 2020 so we can all dance together WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
Love you <3

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Happyy New Yearrrr :3

Spread love,not legs!

Happy New Year!

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Thank you Beremix and Happy New Year!

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