Hi guys,i forget my password please admin reset my password

I losted my password


Contact a manager to recover your password.

The list of all managers can be found here. Afterward, click on "Contact me" of any manager (Below their name and tasks) to send them a forum PM with details.

P/S : Just click on the underlined text "here" and you will be redirected to the list of all managers.

If you don't know anything, you can ask me.

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"You've had your chance in the past, yet you didn't use them wisely."


Have you solved it yet? If not, please tell me which server MG/MM/eXM also your name in-game.


FROM MM Server


In-game name?


Mini Mission Server

In Game Name] Danger


Can you send me a forum PM what's your IP address is?

You can know by going to:

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