Happy birthday Mini Games Server


Today I want to greet Mini Games Server v2 with 7 years!

2nd of January 2012; I, @Dimi & @Zezima re-opened Mini Games Server after it had been shut down for 6 months. It's actually 7 years since we opened it, and I don't feel it's that long since.^^

Mini Games Server orginally started 15th of April 2009. It got shut down summer of 2011, and re-opened 2nd of January 2012. This year Mini Games Server is turning 10 years old, and that I am happy with! It's gonna be a wonderful year with a lot of things happening on Mini Games Server. For more information, please pay some attention to this board:

So happy birthday Mini Games Server v2!
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If there will be any special party on MG today I doubt. I'm busy with exam on Friday, so I'm not around. Maybe some other managers puts on some fireworks, you will see.. The anniversary maps is to be enabled on Friday. Some people have already tested it together with me.

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(For thoes who wonders why I never greet MM / eXM on their birthday, is because we have no exact date / month)

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Happy birthday Mini Games Server since the v2 started <3 <3 Smile

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Happy birthday MG   Birthday

I can't believe I've joined this great community +5 years ago, time flies when you have fun Smile

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Happy birthday Mini Games <3 <3 Biggrin

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Happy Birthday MG <333 hehe , I've been playing here for 5+ years and fully joined the community 4 years ago and still not bored of it . I guess says a lot about the server Smile)

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Happy birthday Mini Games Server since the v2 started <3 <3 Smile

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Time passes fast, happy birthday Mini-Games!

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Happy Birthday mg my luvvv <3


Happy birthday to MG !! I am one of the few people that is still around since that reopening!

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