Discord Verification


Hey, If you are in our Discord server you probably noticed the latest announcement we posted there. We'll be doing a verification for whoever going to be using our Discord server.

What is Verification? (Verify)

- It requires you to do a specific step in order to continue viewing all our channels in our Discord server.

How I can verify myself?

-Send me a private message, your Discord tag (such as DowDaw#5939)

-Or you may send me a PM on Discord, a link of your forum profile.

How to find my UserID?  https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/...Message-ID-

What is Discord tag? Username#0000 (For example: DowDaw#5939)

It is even needed and why we need it?

-I've seen many people joining our Discord server but we don't even know who are they. It makes to identify each other well so you can know with who you're spoken with. It will avoid perm banned users to join there as well and we can make sure that you actually one of us.

What would happen if I didn't verify?

-You wont be able to view all channels, only the ones "Read only" which is pretty useless. (You can't chat)

Am I still able to verify after the deadline?

-Yes, if you're begin late you just won't be able to view the channels unless you do it.

Deadline: 23/02/2019

-If you're an Admin/Moderator or Manager, you don't have to. I got your back.

-If you have any question, hit me up.

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