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As some of you have noticed, then in the shoutbox there has been a line saying:
Any kind of negative hate or negative spread is forbidden in the shoutbox. Please contact Beremix instead of sharing it here!

Reason for this is that there has been several players spreading negative comments towards both the Community, and specific people within the Management Team. Therefore, the Management Team has spoken together, and we have decided to open up a board named "Community Reports".

Some information how the Community Reports will work:

  • Only the Management Team and the topic poster can see the topics
  • All cases will be handled in the thread to make it the best for the community.
  • We want full honest opinions, and you shouldn't hide anything.
  • If your post is about issues related to the Management Team, and you don't want to post it in the public, then you are free to send it to Beremix instead, and where it will be handled in the proper channels. 
  • You should not report hackers here, only community issues.
  • We can't promise a change or an improvement, but we will listen to you, and do our best to make it better, by receiving a lot of opinions.

With this board I hope players will spread suggestions related to the community here, instead of the public. We hope that we will recieve a lot of topics, and that we can handle it properly, and for the best of the community. So please use that board for anything that has to be improoved within the community. 


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