10 years since Mini Games Server started


[Image: Happy_Birthday_10_years_balloon.jpg]

Today, 15/04-2019 it's 10 years since Mini Games Server became an server!
I therefore, want to thank everyone who has been involved in Mini Games Server during 10 amazing years! MG wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for you all!

Join MG during the evening to party with us 






Server Owner 

Proud Justin Bieber fan!

<~Stefy> ah fuck bere you always make me horny
<~Stefy> everyone should know I wanna spend a night with beremix

[Image: Hunter.png]

Happy 10 Anniversary!! ^^ I will try to join tonight! I hope I don't miss the fireworks :p

[Image: 7Gb5max.png]

Happy birthday!!! Smile. Where is the firework? c:


Happy birthday! Biggrin
Dang it, i missed the party yesterday .....

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