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As of today, 2/5-2019, then we are doing some changes within our community. The changes are that eXtreme Missions are leaving our community. It's a decision that's taken by me, together with Hellrocker & Tokkor.
It's not a good decision that they are leaving, but at the same time it's the right thing for this community.

Sa-mp is struggling more and more. Reason for this is that GTA is an old game, and is not managing to attract new players any more. At the same time, it's outdated, and a lot of people ain't satisfied with the developers of sa-mp, as there are 3 versions, instead of having all players on 1. This is affecting MG, MM & eXM. That's one of the reasons why we started to add new games to this community, so our community can still be attractive as a gaming community with other games, and not only sa-mp servers. We are not done adding more games, and there will be more.

MG & MM are struggling at the moment also. Average player count of MG is 3.90, meanwhile it's 1.37 for MM. That's just horrible. But we're not the only servers struggling, there are a lot in sa-mp. If we will ever be able to get these up again, I don't know. But, we're not planning to stop these servers.

eXtreme Missions are leaving us as friends. There are no fight behind or hate behind this. Sadly, we have never managed to get eXM back to the gold days, where there were a lot of players. And there are several reasons behind that, but we have all tried. With them leaving us now, then we open our forum for more space to new categories and more games. 

The people who has been involved in the Management Team of eXM are @Tokkor, @JaDi & @Hellrocker. @Hellrocker & @JaDi has decided to leave, and will therefore not be involved in our community any more. @Tokkor stays with us, as he has been involved in MG since 2013/2014(?). He will therefore be involved in MG, MM & new games in this community. 

I wish eXtreme Missions the best future, and I hope that they will manage to succeed when they now depart from Exp-Gaming. 


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If you want to stay attached to eXM, and it's development, then their info is this:
Homepage: http://exmserv.me/
Forum: http://exmserv.me/forum/index.php

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<~Stefy> ah fuck bere you always make me horny
<~Stefy> everyone should know I wanna spend a night with beremix

Its SAMP in general. Used to play with people from Netherlands, Germany and the UK. Now, I play with kids that dont speak english Icon_e_sad

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