Statement to the community - by the Server Owner



This is an official statement by me to the players of this community, as I'm sick of false accusations and false information going around, so via this thread I intend to be full honest (like I'm always), and give more details about several things, and explain several situations that you maybe don't know or didn't know.

Why did Sasuke leave **?
There are some people who thinks that Sasuke left ** because of me. That's just as false as it can be. Sasuke lives in a country where studying is really important, and takes a lot of time. I live in a country where studying doesn't take that much time, and where we got a lot of free. Thankfully I'm done with studies.
Anyway, Sasuke has been given full powers to do everything he wants in ** that's best for **. He was a excelent Server Developer who really cared about **, and often discussed things with either the admins, the players and often the Management Team. I miss his work in ** each day, and if he'd say he can come back, then I'd say yes instantly. The job as Server Developer is also a paid job within our community. Not that it's a good paid job, but it gives you some money per month. How much, I won't say, as that's between the community leaders & the server developers. Myself I don't get paid, still if I'm the Server Developer of both MG & ** now, then I don't spend money on myself. 
So resume: Sasuke he left because he was forced to it because of life & studies. He wish to come back, but he can't. I still got contact with him, and he misses working for **.

Why are the servers so inactive these days?
It's a general problem that whole sa-mp is meeting, and not only us. It's going good for the russian servers, but not others. There ain't much we can do to get it better. The game itself, is an old game with bad graphics. So why will new players start playing such an old game, when there are way newer games with much better graphics and gaming experience? Sa-mp is 12 years old now? I believe it's going down more and more, and one day we will see the end of it. I don't like saying it, as I don't want to see it going down, as I like being here. But I have no plans on closing down either MG & ** before sa-mp is dead itself.

Why have we added Minecraft & CS:GO? 
As the sa-mp servers activity went down a lot, then we didn't want to see the community being dead, but though about adding more games to the community that the players can enjoy. The minecraft server has been a success, and there are often players on it. Not that there are 20/20 all of the time, but there are several players enjoying it. CS:GO ain't a success yet, but it's there if any one wants to play. I hope that we can arrange times where several people wants to join and play together, as that's more fun, instead of just playing against bots.
At the same time we hope to add at least one more game. Currently we've decided that we're gonna add Left for dead 2. We might change games in the future, by stopping for example CS:GO, and add another for example for a periode.. We will see. 

Why are eXM out of Exp-Gaming?
The day we got eXM into our community was a happy day, and the Management Team had worked a lot before it to get it working. Sadly, we never managed to get it how it was in the past. Therefore, after a discussion with the lead server manager of eXM, we decided that eXM will step out of our community so they can continue themself, as I would have closed it down. I got no problems with either Tokkor, Hellrocker, Jadi or Owain who was involved in eXM, but it just didn't work. There are many factors because of it, like never a functional server developer (before in the end) etc..

Why did Lucifer leave the community?
A lot of people has asked why Lucifer left the community, and if it's my fault. Yes he blames me, and gave me a big reason why. That reason will not be showed to the community, and is only for me and the Community Leaders. Lucifer's problem started that he wasn't active enough, and that the Community Leaders added a rule saying how active our Managers needs to be. He said he couldn't reach the activity needed, and we tried to solve it together by saying we could reduce his tasks so he can focus on the most important one - working for **. What took Lucifer's most time was the radio. We told him that ** is more important than the radio, and that we rather want him to work on ** than the radio. Sadly, hes a stubborn guy, and that didn't help. So in the end, he fucked it up for himself by not following the rules. And he blames me for the whole problem, when I'm not the one who added that rule alone, it was added by the community leaders. So, he can hate me as much as he want, but hes out.

Why did toontje & Kot leave the Management Team?
Both left the Management Team because of activity. None of them could reach the activity needed, and have have more important things to do in life than a game. I got no problem with any of them, and they didn't leave because of me.
Same goes for SaK, Neefas, Subz3ro, Krishhna etc... None of them left because of me. You can ask them all lol.

Why did Vin_Diesel leave today?
He orginally left because according to him he has issues with Stefy and hes bored. So what can I do with that? I tried to speak to him to figure out the reason, but he won't say, and at the same time Stefy don't know either. He was orginally gonna stay in the community by being in the radio, but that changed suddenly since I told him to quit something I don't like, and I know that other people don't like either.
What to say? Vin_Diesel has been wanting to become a manager since day one. For me and Stefy it has been a big no, because I don't like his way of helping others and how hes being. I feel hes to bossy, and that's also something I told him when he asked me why hes not a manager yet. 
Why do I say this to you all? So maybe you all understand that Vin_Diesel ain't a god here, and not a "special" person that can't be replaced. 
So Vin_Diesel also left the radio today, which is maybe a shock for some. The radio team has a own discord server for private communication within the team. So today Vin_Diesel said the following message in discord:
"@everyone  Happy eid to all muslims here"
I've told him many times to quit using @everyone when it's not an important thing. So the chat continued and today I will actually show the you all the chat, as I'm not the problem here.

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If you don't know, then I'm the lead radio manager in this community. Which means I'm the lead boss of the radio. Vin_Diesel is under me.
I stand with what I said, I don't regret anything, therefore I'm also publishing it to you all today.
I also want to share this, if anyone else thinks Vin_Diesel is perfect. This happend after he had resigned:
[Image: unknown.png]
I would also like to add that Vin_Diesel also has been a good administrator during the time he has been in **. It's just that the last 48 hours has been shockingly bad, and people instantly start attacking me and Stefy because of Vin_Diesel leaving thread where he said hes not welcome here.

Economy of the server:
Each 3rd month then I give a economy report to the Community Leaders. The current economy shows that until now:
We've got 50$ in to the bank
But we've use 593$.
That means the summary shows that -542,94 euro for the server. Why do I say this? Well, I want to show that I've spent 542,94 euro on this community since January 2019. I love this community, and I don't care about the money. I will continue to spend as much money is needed for this community to stay. This also means the amount of money I use gives me some rights. I got veto rights, which I don't often use, but I'm also the top leader here, the CEO. At the same time it's important for me that it's visible that I'm not a dictator, but a leader. My most important team is the Management Team, and I love communicating and working together with them. I value their opinons, and I listen to them, at the same time as they also listen to me. We're a good team. Ofc there are plenty of members are miss in the team, but that's life. There will always be changes.

What about me - the server owner?
Sometimes it might look like I don't "care" or I'm unmotivated. I'm sorry if that's visible, as I'm not unmotivated and I do highly care. This community has been a part of my life for so many years, and I hope it never ends, as it gives me so much joy and pleasure. 
I hope that one day I can relax more here, spend more time ingame and communicating with the players, but at the moment that's not a possibility. But if there ever comes the perfect managers who can take over some of my tasks, then I will for sure give some of them away, so I can focus more on being around the players again, like in the old days. Not that there are no perfect managers around no, but there are nobody around who can for example be a server developer of either MG or **, or be a web scripter.. So it ain't easy.

So why do I share all this - what's the point?
For me it's important to be close to the community, and take care of issues together. I'm sick of being said that I'm a problem and saying things that are false. I don't know how many times I've heard that it's my fault that Sasuke left, meanwhile he wants to come back as soon as possible, and left because of life and not me... At the same time I'm happy to announce that Sasuke might come back next month and will be here for 2 months, so there will be a lot of help, especially for **. I hope this thread can give some understanding of several views. I love this community, and I hope it stays for many many more years. But I'm tired and sick of the haters and toxic people who just spread hate, and nothing positive. I've said it so many times, if you have a problem here, then speak about it. You can use "Community Reports", and we will solve it together. Several people has already used it, and we've solved things, and other things haven't been solved but where I've / others have given correct information that fixed it. As a last clearification then it's important for me to say that there are way many more cases that are in the private, and won't be published. That's both for respect for the Management Team and the person itself. 

Now we will continue on our community and our servers. If there is something more you want me to explain then just reply below, and I will. If you don't want it public, then do it in Community Reports.


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Thanks for sharing these details, Beremix. Respect. This gives us a better view, about what's happening within the community. I appreciate.


Thanks for sharing these details, Beremix. Respect. This gives us a better view, about what's happening within the community. I appreciate.



Yeah, after long time nice thread by you Beremix, like real chief, gzzz


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As a last clearification then it's important for me to say that there are way many more cases that are in the private, and won't be published. That's both for respect for the Management Team and the person itself. 

Now we will continue on our community and our servers. If there is something more you want me to explain then just reply below, and I will. If you don't want it public, then do it in Community Reports.



Thanks for sharing and these 2 points I just wanted to repeat them


yeah all u saw guys happend and yeah no one can feel what im passing and how my life looks like yall thought im very happy man joking and playing football going to gym but actually im going to fall in my exams and im sure also one of my best people irl died some days ago and i lost almost everyone irl sitting at home like trash after that i knew some stuff annoyed me inside here i raged and got mad idk why im explaining but i hope u guys wont think im bad guy i never wanted to lose anyone but thay happens in seconds so sorry for every single person i raged or acted boss on have good night people.


Well obviously, as a by-stander I can't ignore all these issues that have emerged recently, but I still think the community is moving in the right direction, especially with the new servers. SA-MP is no longer a viable option, hasn't been for some time now.

I also think that maybe, we, as a community or individuals shouldn't rush to conclusions, especially as there's things that regular players don't really know about or need to know about. I get it that people boil over at times, but maybe we should just chill out, this place is to have some good fun with good people at the end of a long day, imo

Wanted to thank Vin_Diesel and Lucifer (and everyone who has left, with or without drama), things didn't go as planned in the end, but the work you did deserves credit.

From my experience, Beremix is one of the most active and present community owners I've seen, so thank you for that, keep it up. I definitely feel like there's no barrier between the players and management/owner so I'm happy here


Totally agreed, till now Beremix has been the best owner I've ever seen so far (I'm not asslicking btw, it's a real thing). It's good to know that you are still keeping up this community eventhough SA:MP in general is dead, well I don't want to make this longer as several times the topic about SA:MP has been spoken already but well, I am one of the ones who still are visiting the forums just out of curiosity and to see some old faces that brings me some nostalgia, remembering how funny was SA:MP some years ago.

I would like to emphasize something that Vin_DieSel said about the retired admins. If I got to understand very well, he tried to say that thanks to Beremix every administrator went away little by little, but meh, most of us just get bored of this game, others are bussy with studies, others just playing modern games with better graphics and so on, but I think most of them just retired because they're focusing in important and better things in real life such like studying for example, I speak at least for me, because I became so inactive in games because of University, and a career as it's mine is really hard, it requires so much time to do homeworks, projects, lessons, exams and so on, everything you can imagine.... and despite all this I'm giving a little bit of my time to visit this community who was part of my childhood to say so and which brought me many laughs, funny moments, learnings, but overall good friends. (Btw, I know Vin said all that because he was frustrated with all the shit happening on his real life, I can totally understand him since I have felt the same before, so yeah, I know he isn't a bad guy or something, so it's ok Vin).

And finally, what remains for me to say? Just keep this community running as always you did Beremix, and of course as you also said, keep this UP till SAMP is OFF Smile.


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