Toxicbear forget password.


I Have been forget my ig password and forum password and when i try to recover my forum account i put my email and when i click on send the page refresh by it self i think that's a problem. anyone help me please and i create this account only to post this problem and my ig/forum name is : ToxicBear


I send you a new password for your account (Check your PMs). Regarding to your in-game password I'm not sure for which server you're talking about, it is in MM or MG?


I am Talking about MG Server.

I Tried to login in UCP but not working


Sent you details in pm.


Thanks but all of my scores have gone


Your account had 0 score and registered since 2016, are you sure you had score?
There is another account called [eD]ToxicBear that has score but its IP doesn't match with your country.


Bro i wasn't sure ToxicBear Was my name but that's what i remember but i remember that i joined a clan named eD and now i remembered

sorry that i made a trouble i had changed my router and net ip alot of times because in jordan the internet is bad.

bro i have remembered [eD]ToxicBear password i was trying to login from Toxicbear that's why my pass wasn't work then i thought that i forget it but thanks anyway for help me.

only my forum account won't recover everytime i try to recover it won't. try to solve this problem.


Good, i sent you a new password for forum, did you try it?


bro i got banned from none

at the day you sent me the ig pass i got on i played a while then quit i didn't get anything and today i try to login it says that i am banned lol Icon_e_sad
and the admin who banned me is not on the Admin list his name is [v0g]CrapMasta.

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