Gta V server?



MichaelBelgium has managed to setup a Gta V server for this community. It’s not done, but it’s in progress.
To play together in Gta V then you need the modification FiveM (

What we want to know is what do you want to see on the server? What cars? Custom weapons? Whst else?

Honestly I don’t know much about Gta V, therefore I need help and suggestions here. So please tell me :-)


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Firstly, If the mission system possible; i would go with that. Like ****-********... but the custom maps shouldnt be needed for start. GTA V is big map and many places to do.
If not possible as we used to play with, we can do free roam like events, race cycles, robbing system, dm/tdm/gungame maps...etc. (Never played RPG server so i dont know)

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If the missions theme is possible, then that of course, as Ryses said. It's unique and was really popular when SAMP was still at it's peak. Would bring new people to the community, too.


This looks like something new, maybe it's time to test my laptop if it can run GTA V.

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Yeah absolutely, like MG or ** but in GTA V.

But seems like FiveM could be taked down by Rockstar and you could be banned from Gta Online

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Yeah absolutely, like MG or ** but in GTA V.

But seems like FiveM could be taked down by Rockstar and you could be banned from Gta Online

But i heard you dont get banned since FiveM doesnt affects your main files.

But as far as i read here, its complicated.

if there are something like that we can create a crew or smth in GTA:O

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72gb download with 5 mbit/s ?
not worth if they ban fivem likke they did to VMP in the start

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Five M wont ban you from GTA:O - which sucks anyway. The thing about MG/**/custom gamemode in GTA V is that it's possible, but it'll take months. They use other programming languages and there's a lack of documentation. Yay for open source.

The server is technically playable now (as freeroam) and i can add some scripts from the five m community:
Its also possible to add custom vehicles into the server for everyone:
What i mean with freeroam is: there's an admin system, you can private message, you can spawn cars, you can save them (like a personal vehicle) and bit more.

Just yeah, making a custom script will take more time obviously.

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Do we have buy the original gta V to play ?

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Can this work on PS4?

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