It's time to move on


I wish you all good luck in the future, i'm still around ( old MM fag) some people know me Icon_e_wink


I'm not sure if it's even worth it to work on SAMP servers at all anymore

got to agree with this, sorry, in my opinion its just not worth all of this work to just see the average increase by like 1 or 2 players

Those quotes explains everything that I wanted to say.

Good luck to everyone with everything.

Let's hope that this idea will help us at least for some time.

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Mini-Missions, it's been a good journey.


old players don't die, they respawn

Mini-Missions, it's been a good journey.


<3 Those last times before the shift here under you were <3 .

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It had to be happen someday...

This  Shutup

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MM ended up same as EXM sadly. Close it and keep MG alive as long as you can.
And know when to let things go... it's not a shame to admit you cant keep something alive forever.
EXM had great run but it had to come to an end - same goes for MM.
Make a farewell party or smth and close MM...


Sad to see mm closin, but for real, samp is just dead, its not like the old times, the only thing that works these days is rp russian servers.
Farewell my friends.

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