Sa-mp is suffering



As most of you know then sa-mp is suffering. It's not only MG that is suffering, but most sa-mp servers are (except russians ..).

Last week there has been a big discussion going on at the official sa-mp forum about "Is it still worth it?", where the discussion is if it's worth it making new servers, or where is sa-mp going.

I have given my reply as the server owner of MG about where I think sa-mp should go (page 28).

I recommend that people read the thread. You don't have to read all 28 pages, but read some normal players post, and the posts from Kalcor, whos the founder and developer of Sa-mp. This will give you a view on sa-mp's status, and why you also notice that there ain't much happening in MG from me.



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true, as I said, starting a samp server in 2019 is naive Glee

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Despite hearing this same sentence since 2010 "Samp is dying", Now it's indeed dying and the day when It will be officially dead is sooner than ever,

So taking that into consideration and adding Bugs and Lag to it, despite all that MG is actually still doing great and the main reason is it has some experienced staff members that are doing their best behind the scenes to keep it running .

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As far as i'm concerned, players mostly leave SAMP was because of the lack of development from the developer, not because of the game is outdated itself. And yes, I do acknowledge GTA:SA is an old game which is older generation, as yet newer generations are much more attractive & better than the old one.

Apart from that, there could be some SAMP players who would leave for their life, school and so on.

Combining these two, I'd say that SAMP is still doing well, it's just missing some updates/enhancements/fixes and mostly the support from beta tester after all.

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We still get a lot of players, especially on weekends. I'm busy with college so i can't be on as frequently.

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