Happy new year


Happy new year to everyone that's either playing Mini Games Server, people that belong to our community and everyone else.

2019 has been a year where things haven't been going as planned, but I don't see there are other ways we could change it or do something else. I know for fact that everyone has done their best they can for this community, and that I'm happy for.

My dream ended. Owning MG, ** and eXM was amazing and I loved that periode. Having a big team, a lot of different servers and players, it was amazing and a experience that I will always remember, so that I thank you all for.
Now it's just us left, we players of MG. I will do my best so we can keep this server for a long time.

I hope you all have a pleasent New Years Eve if you are either in 2019, or in 2020 soon or in some hours. Don't get to wasted, and drink some champagne Smile

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Merry Christmas! Biggrin

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happy new year!


hey ,

Happy new year , i wish all the best for this community .


Happy new year guys Smile

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This is the time where it marks new career of our life, among the decades that we've passed before. One word, Happy New Year to everyone!



Hey happy New Year to everyone!!! Best of luck for this amazing year!

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2019 went by fast, the entire decade went by so fast.
Happy new year everyone. Glad to see the community still going.

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Happy new year!

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