Marketing Department



I would like to announce and present to the community a new group that we've called "Marketing Department".
This is a small group where you will find:
Beremix - Leader
Joanna - Adviser
Neefas - Designer 

The idea of the group is to give new ideas to the community relating to marketing and the visual of the community. This group will work a lot in the private and will be advising me with the visuals settings the community. This means in the forum, homepage, ucp, server and other channels. 
The Marketing Department will also be advising in the following matters:
- Making various campaigns during the year (summer, vip discounts, easter, halloween, christmas..)
- Sharing pictures on our facebook page from ingame
And more.

The group has already started working and they are working on the following matters currently:
- New forum bars which has been added recently
- A new homepage will be more orginsed and visual.


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Nice idea ask me up if need anything related to designing and visual concepts .

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