Happy birthday Mini Games


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Today it's 11 years since we started Mini Games Server
15th of April 2009!

Thank you for being a part of this amazing journey!

For each game you play today, then you will recieve $5000 per game Party

The Management Team

Server Owner 

Proud Justin Bieber fan!

<~Stefy> ah fuck bere you always make me horny
<~Stefy> everyone should know I wanna spend a night with beremix

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Things are getting even older and older from time to time, so do I and my age as well. Despite this, happy birthday to you once again, Mini Games Server! Smile

Quote:For each game you play today, then you will recieve $5000 per game

That's just way too small of significant amount for me to earn for each game played though I'm wealthy enough already, considering the server bank needs to be kept in a stable status, after all. Also, I clearly don't know why I'm addicted to money that much, lol.

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"There's no justice in the world where people can be made to suffer like that."

Happy Birthday Mini Game Server

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Birthday Birthday Party Party


Happy birthday!!  Birthday


Happy birthday best SAMP server in history of it :3

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Really good success, congratulations to the admin team from start to finish  Spongebobdance

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Long live MG! Birthday

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MG Server Manager
Lead Games Manager & Scripter
Event Manager

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For you JB fans and Server fans and Beremates .

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MG celebrating 11 years

couldn't record all people from server, camara had low battery, sorry  Puppyeyes

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