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I'm happy to announce & present the first project and work of the Marketing Department
For some weeks now we've been working on launching a new website for our server. This new website is updated with a new template, new design, updated pages and merged pages. You will still find the a lot of the same tools, but changed.

My main priority with the new website has been to merge the games register & player profile into the main homepage & main design, so there will be one design for our tools, and not several ones. There will still be a different design for the UCP, but maybe that's our next project :-)

I would like to thank the following players for helping:
Neefas: Graphic designer, css & html helper.
Joanna: Design helper - visuals & advises. 
Myself, I'm the one who has made the pages & the scripts.
Our new website is available via: - take a look and feel free to give us negative & positive feedback!

(If you see the old website / messed content, then you need to clear your cache)

Marketing Department

Server Owner 

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Old one was much better than this one just my opinion guys , we could've changed the whole site to previous design including game register etc with some different colors , but this one is neat as well ( still i loved the old one ) , but anyways good job neefas and joanna you've done good stuff kept on working .

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nice clean

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New one is better than the old one.Great work everyone.

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well done thanks for keeping MG stylish and sexy as always ;D

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A new layout of colors have been changed to make it more colorful Biggrin
I liked it

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