Reset of bans 10/07-2020



23rd June, 2017 is the last time we cleared all bans in our server. Now the list is filled up again with over 33000 bans.
The Administrator Team has spent some time discussing if it's time to clear all bans again, and it's a decision we all agreed on.

Today, 10th of July 2020 we've cleared most of the bans in the server.
There were 33498 bans in the server. Now it's 620 bans left.

I gave the Administrator Team & Management Team 5 days to inform me about which players should remain banned.
The Management Team have gone over the suggestions and have ended up with the following players who won't be unbanned automatically now.
The following players have not been unbanned:
- All players banned after 1st of June 2020
- [CbK]Vin_DieSel
- [BnD]Bass
- [CbK]Yuuta_

If you are in this list (And have been banned before 1st of June 2020) then you can apply for an unban in the forum, and we might unban you too.

Best regards,
The Management Team & The Administrator Team

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