Happy Birthday Mini Games Server!


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Today it's 12 years since we started Mini Games Server
15th of April 2009!

Thank you for being a part of this amazing journey!

For each game you play until Monday, you will recieve 10 pizza per game Party VIP discount 30% is also enabled!

The Management Team

Server Owner 

Proud Justin Bieber fan!

<~Stefy> ah fuck bere you always make me horny
<~Stefy> everyone should know I wanna spend a night with beremix

Happy Birthday MG <3

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Happy Birthday MG.

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[Image: 8.png]

Happy Birthday MG Dance

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HHHHHHBBBBBBB MG!  Birthday Cake Wavemulticolor

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HB bro

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Happy birthday MG <3<3

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By Hammer.
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