Survey !



The Management Team is presenting to you an Survey. It's the 2nd time we will be doing an survey, one in the start of MG and one now.
We want to see if we have changed and what we have to changed.
The survey is the same as before but with some small changes.

Everyone who does the survey and finish it will be in an own competition to win 1 week vip. 5 People will win, but if I see people writing stupid questions or trolling I will delete them.

This survey will be open for one week(Untill 03.08.2012). When it's done the results will be presented to the Management Team & The Administrator team before you will be able to see the results and what we're going to work on for the rest of 2012.

Please answer correctly and honest and take time. We really appreticate your answers.

Good luck

Click on me to come to the survey
PS: Tell new players and people ingame to do it also. They can goto Http:// to get redirected to the survey

The Management Team

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Done !! Lets see what happens !! <!-- s:drummer: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/drummer.gif" alt=":drummer:" title=":drummer:" /><!-- s:drummer: -->

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ok, done.

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This is funny cuz everyone spammed "Done"

Nice questions, already made it.

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