Server Co~Owner: Congratulations!


Dear players of Mini Games Server & ****-********!

I’m here to announce some changes of the Management Team of Mini Games Server. These changes, like always are set to be the best ones I hope.

We are a growing server. We’re at a lovely sa-mp position at the moment and I like it. And we’re not going to stop at it. That’s why we will continue working on this server. Still if we are close to reach 300 games, we still need to focus on our games and upgrade our existing ones. 

Before we used to have a co-owner. Zezima was a co-owner and Dimi was before he got owner. So I have now decided that it’s time again. Before I didn’t like it and didn’t want to have one. But I think that it’s time for it again.

Our new co-owner of this server is a person that I want to call: the best manager MG ever had! She has done so much for this server. Helped me with a lot and has been a personal friend of me. And I love that friendship of us. She is a wonderful lady, active and a great person. But being a co-owner doesn’t give any special access, abilities or new commands. But It’s a different rank. Meaning I trust the person and that I believe in the person.

Stefy will be a lead server manager together with me. Meaning, when I am gone on a holiday for example, she will be the one leading the server. I don’t know how active I will be next year (after the summer) because of working a lot and studies. So she will be leading more.
So congratulations to Stefy as our new co~owner. 

Management Team:
During the last year we've had too many changes within the Management Team. FireChicken, Chanchito & BassLovah.. All of them have been demoted for inactivity. So right now we are only 5 members left. We are gonna hire another Manager, which is not set yet. But we want to make sure that this promotion will be good and not someone who goes inactive after 6 months. As we've had enough of it.

Full info about Management Team tasks can be found here:

Best regards,

Server Owner 

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CONGRATULATIONS STEFY!!!!!! Rank well, and I say WELL, deserved! Once again, Congratz!!!!!


Congratulations italian pizza mafia , after all that hard work and dedication you're a top-notch lady love you as always .

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Congratulations stefy! Good job :3

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Congratz Sister Smile ^_^


Congratzzzzz stefyyyyyyyyyyy <3 ! Good Jobbbbbb Well Doneeee


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Thanks :3 I'll keep doing my best, as I did until now Biggrin
I gave all I could to improve MG and I'm proud of our amazing staff and how our server grew up <3 Thanks Beremix, for everything, I really didn't expect it, and I'm glad that you trust me so much <3

Much love  Heart

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n i thought bere was talking about NiNa o_O never mind  Naah JOKING ^_^

Congratulations Dear Icon_e_wink ^^

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