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I can now officially announce that **** ******** Server has been bough by Mini Games Server.
Why & what can be discussed later.

We plan on merging ** within MG or opening a MG 2 where ** is. Or I don't know lol.

News will come about this merge, but things ain't decided yet, but things will happen and info will be given.
So now I will be busy with both ** and MG untill things are done and things are decided.

- Beremix

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ok lol

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Wew... Im shocked x2

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Meh.. i do not like "merging" but its your option.

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I like it ^^

Merging is the best option, it will bring more fun as we will be more people to play Smile

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Chester Bennington 20.07.2017

Haha Irony is I got Banned from ** (haking)  n now MG bought it!  
Where I'm Admin :-)  **karma**

Well Congratulations for making such a big decision, please remember MG shouldn't feel neglected and ** too.

The uniqueness of Both server shouldn't be Merged, as the whole concept of Different scripts n Game modes will be lost. So keeping them Separately should be good, still you need to Discuss it deep.

ADMINISTRATION will also be Merged I guess which will be devastating for Both ADMIN TEAMS hmm again like you said will be discussed later.

Congratz again Biggrin

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Good News Biggrin


Sounds good. But don't hurry up to merge it directly, keep the both servers for now to check out how people will welcome this decision. Seperating them would surely mean more work for you but oh well, you own 2 glorious servers so you should take care abit :p. We'll respect any decision. Congrats!


woho GG Beremix good to hear this ^

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