The New Management Team!


Hello! The new Management Team has been hired and things has been set. I'm now proud to present you the common Management Team who will work on both Mini Games Server & **** ********.

2 Teams:
1. Community Leaders: Server Owner(s) + Lead Managers + Server Developers of MG/**
2. Management Team: **, MG managers, + Community Leaders

1. Community Leaders:
Beremix - Server Owner / Server Developer MG
Stefy - Co Owner / Lead Manager MG
MichaelBelgium - Server Developer **
Ryses - Lead Manager **

2. Management Team:

Obviously things can change and there will probably be another manager on **.

Best regards,

Server Owner 

Proud Justin Bieber fan!

<~Stefy> ah fuck bere you always make me horny
<~Stefy> everyone should know I wanna spend a night with beremix

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Congratulations to everyone who's involved into " New Management Team " good luck , keep things better everyday .

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Congratulations to everyone and good luck Smile


Congratulations on the new merged management team... Good luck and hoping to see new developments Icon_e_wink

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Good luck fellas, lead the communities to succes :3


Congratz guyss Smile

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i'm the best in the world!

Good luck to me.

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Good luck guys! Biggrin

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Congrats everyone Smile

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Good luck to me.


[RiS] Founder
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