Mini Missions: new homepage + v11



It's actually 6 months since I bought MM already. Time is moving on fast. It's been some hard months, with low playerbase. But now it's time to move and welcome new players.

New homepage:
Mini Missions just got a new homepage. This theme is bought by me, and pages are made by me. Thanks to Grape for making images.
This page works good looks much better. Pluss it's not the same as MG's which is the most important.

If you do have suggestions for stuff to add then please suggest. I'm not done updating it, as there will be both a new ucp and a playerstats page.

Getting Mini Missions popoulary isn't only one update or one thing. It's many things. It includes both update the homepage, ingame and a lot of different stuff. And it's getting better Smile

Update: v11:
I'm so happy to see that v11 is good. Players likes it and so do I. Well done Sasuke, and thanks to all beta testers. This update is good, but it's also a good start. Which means there will be much more updates in the future obviously. So thanks Sasuke!

Keep on joining MM, invite some of the old MM players back and lets reach the top again Smile

- Beremix

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nice Biggrin

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It seems like MM team working hard, good job so far and this is the real work wanted for MM.

Best of luck and good luck for both MM/MG<3


Beremix I loved it Biggrin thanks.


gg beremixxx :d :d


MM ftw! MM will rise again <3


Good job

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i'm the best in the world!

MG rules !!!! ... ups I mean MM :p

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Nice job guys :-D by the way, the top 30 players URL is missing the t letter, fix it :P

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