New Manager: ThecnoPrisoner



I'm proud to announce and welcome our newest manager to the team. This time it's ThecnoPrisoner.
He has been promoted on behalf of Mini Missions, to focus on scripting missions. This means his main job is in MM as a manager there, but he also got manager rank in MG if you need assistant.

His tasks are:
→ Player Reports & Unban Appeals Supervisor
→ Server Manager
→ Games Scripter & Manager

He will be supervisor of ban appeals of both MG  and MM as there are a lot of ban appeals recently.
I thank ThecnoPrisoner for the job he already did, and I got trust of him doing a good job now too with more tasks.


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good job! congrats paulina u deserve it <3



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congrats broh,well deserved


Congratulations paule ^^ Smile


Congratz paulina !

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Congrats paulita u deserve it :v :*


Congrats eaeaeaeae

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Gratz nabb!

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Nice one Thecno, you've surely come a long way mate

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