New Manager: ThecnoPrisoner



I'm proud to announce and welcome our newest manager to the team. This time it's ThecnoPrisoner.
He has been promoted on behalf of **** ********, to focus on scripting missions. This means his main job is in ** as a manager there, but he also got manager rank in MG if you need assistant.

His tasks are:
→ Player Reports & Unban Appeals Supervisor
→ Server Manager
→ Games Scripter & Manager

He will be supervisor of ban appeals of both MG  and ** as there are a lot of ban appeals recently.
I thank ThecnoPrisoner for the job he already did, and I got trust of him doing a good job now too with more tasks.


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good job! congrats paulina u deserve it <3



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i'm the best in the world!

congrats broh,well deserved

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Congratulations paule ^^ Smile


Congratz paulina !

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Congrats paulita u deserve it :v :*


Congrats eaeaeaeae

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Gratz nabb!

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Nice one Thecno, you've surely come a long way mate

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