Forgotten password?

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  • If you have forgotten your password then the first thing you should do is to try to remember your old passwords and see if you manage to fix it. If you still can't find your password then you can get your password back by contacting a member of the Management team.

    For the Management team to know who you are and that the account owner is you as you say then we need some information. Please send a pm to one of the members of the Management team and give information about your username, your current IP address and country.

    -Is there way where I could find the list of Management Team?

    -Where could I find one of the Management Team to get contact with?
    *You may find one of the Management on IRC, Discord or Sending a forum PM to one of us.

    -Shit, no one is online! Help!
    *Well, be patient please. Management Team aren't online 24-hours, the only way you can do is waiting for them to reply or leave a message on IRC or either on forums.
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