Retired Admins Group (Forums)

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- You have to reached at least level 2 to be able to be in the "Retired Admins" group.
- You have to be an administrator for at least 3 months to be in the "Retired Admins" group.
- You have to request to be in the "Retired Admins" group yourself by contacting a manager who will check the conditions are followed.
- Admins who got kicked out for various reasons that doesn't involve activity won't be added to the group.

What do you get?

- You get no special powers as a member.
- You get no other boards or got access to other boards than the current "Registered" members.
- You get no special access ingame.
- You get a group image and a color on forums.
- You can also get a Retired Admins rag on discord

Being a member:-
- Management Team has the right to remove you from the group for breaking any server rules such as hacking or having bad behavior towards the community.
- Remember; being in the group Retired Admins group ain't a right or a privilege for all administrators.

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