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Your rights: Banned players

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You are banned from this server? Well if you didn't know then you do have some rights:

Being a banned player at this server means you are not allowed to play in our server.
You can any time contact a member of the Management Team to ask them to review your case.
You feel you have been banned wrongly or too harsh then you have a right to contact a member of the management team.
A member of the Management Team will review your case and go through all evidences and give his/her opinion about the case and give the final punishment.
You can either get better punishment or worse. But we will review all sides of the case and we might even stand up the administrators decision.
Being banned here means you can still use our forum. But you should still follow all rules given here.
Being banned means you cannot use our user control panel. You will be blocked from entering it.
Be aware, being permanent banned means you can not use any of these rights.

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