MiniGames History

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Mini Games Server officially started in april 2009. With over 7 years online we have given sa-mp players a lot of joy and fun. We have had many amazing moments during these years and we are ready for more! With over 200 games for you to play we're sure that you will find many games you'll like

Mini Games Server started back in 2009. The server was then owned by [Ask]Terminator and Beremix as co-owner. After some time Beremix became the server owner together with [Ask]Terminator. At that time we had around 50 games and 40/60 daily players. But due to some issues in 2011 Beremix left which forced the server to stop for a while. Some months later many of the old admins reunited with Beremix and brought the server back. Beremix as owner, Dimi & Zezima as co-owner. A fresh new management team, new systems. Fresh new server. Now we have 6 managers and a great administrator team. Since 2012 we have added many games. We are now up to 200 games and counting.

We offer a varied selection of gamemodes. From races to bombing missions, passing through destruction derbies with vehicles that shoot lasers, stealing, deathmatch, last team standing, zombies and many more! We have games for every single taste and we are working hard to bring brand new gamemodes almost each week, making Mini Games Server one of the most varied SA:MP servers out there.

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