How to become VIP?

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Are you interesting to become a V.I.P player in Mini-Games and get some special rewards and perks?

First of all, there's a few rules you have to understand before donating to the server and be part of the VIP's.

VIP Payment Rules

1-Being VIP doesn't make you immune against the server rules.

2-We are under no obligation to offer any kind of service or special treatment for a donation.

3-Donations will not be refunded under any circumstances after vip status has been activated.

4-VIP status cannot be transferred between players once activated.

5-You may donate for other players, but this is done at your own risk.

VIP Rules

1-Being a VIP does NOT make you immune against the server rules. You got the same rules as any one else.

2-Abusing VIP commands for own gain & purpose to either win the game / win the game faster is forbidden.

3- Abusing /spawn to avoid death is forbidden.

4- Farming money by being AFK for hours is forbidden.

5-Spawning barrels in parkour to block players is forbidden.

6-Barrels are used for fun. But we ask you to please behave with the barrels. For example, don't create it when the race begins or at the end of the race.

Fail to follow rules given by the Administrators and these rules will lead into a warning. Not following the warnings will lead into a ban and/or might lead into a removal of your VIP status.

OK. I've read and understood all rules above, how to become one?


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