We have a total of 16 vips in our servers.
We have received 3116,00 EUR with the VIP payments since 01 Apr 2012


⚬ Spawn with 100% armor.
⚬ Access to an own VIP shop including guns & vehicles.
⚬ receive $1800 each minute.
⚬ Access to a private VIP chat.
⚬ receive a VIP rank at the forum.
⚬ You can rename for free at the UCP.
⚬ Ability to have your own VIP skin.
⚬ Daily reward of $30.000 at the UCP.
⚬ Ability to use the VIP control panel at the UCP.
⚬ Several VIP commands: /myweather /spawn /bomb /neon /mytime /nos /flip
⚬ Special VIP anims & toys


30 days 3,99 EUR
60 days 5,99 EUR
90 days 7,99 EUR
180 days 14,99 EUR
240 days 19,49 EUR
1 Year 24,99 EUR
Permanent 54,99 EUR

General Information:

⚬ We only accept payments via paypal.
⚬ Being a VIP does not make you immune against bans or admin actions.
⚬ The VIP payments are automatic and are done instantly. However, you can't be ingame while doing it.
⚬ If you have selected the VIP package you want, then follow the link down below to be directed to the User Control Panel where you will finish the purchase.

User Control Panel: